2017 Best Place in Beirut At Night

Beirut is the capital of Lebanon, listed among one of the cities with great nightlife destination in the Middle East. Lebanon is different from neighboring country, it is green and mountainous, sand dune-less and modern. They preserved the rich historical heritage across the country which attracts tourists nowadays.

Lebanon is the country has to offers. Whatever day of the week it is, customers always ready to party rockin’ the night. Beirut nightlife means all night out, with party-goers getting home well after the sun comes up.

Now, here are the top destinations in Beirut at night:

White Beirut

Lebanese nightlight first met White in 2006 becoming the ultimate chic playground for upscale party-goers. The rooftop hotspot, located on Dora’s sea road highway, offers delicious cocktails, luxurious VIP bottle service and live sets from deejays and performers from around the world.

Some patron says this is the best place to be in Beirut! Amazing CLUB with good atmosphere and top of the line DJs, speakers are decent was really clean sound and tidy.


Lively little bar for the artsy crowd with a vibrant atmosphere and friendly staff. They have enjoyable music with the best cocktails including banana beer as well as fresh fruit cocktails in the lovely atmosphere. A great place to relax, mingle and party with locals and foreigners, Godot is Beirut at its best: multicultural yet opinionated, traditional yet ready to let its hair down.

Al Mandaloun Club

The Mandaloun is a historical club, restaurant and live venue that is located in the clubbing area of Mar-Mikhael, in Beirut. The prestigious club has been continuously renewed, remaining the focal point for both Lebanese and foreign elite as an ideal place to dine, dance and listen to live music.

Located inside an old theater, the entire surface has been redesigned in an innovative and modern way to look like a train station, using steel and metallic elements that redefine the nightlife experience. Al Mandaloun provides live entertainment with a line-up of first-rate musicians from all walks of life, performing within a stunning space and under a huge circular Led Screen.

Music Hall

MusicHall has immediately become iconic for its innovative and unique concept of entertaining guests. They offers a unique live music venue started by the Elefteriades borthers in the early 2000s. It hosts short live world fusion musical acts unveiling talents from around the globe in a series of eclectic stage performances ranging from Latin, Gipsy, French and Oriental to Opera, Rock, Reggae, and many other music genres.

This can be one of the most memorable musical performances you may have witnessed in your life. With several breathtaking shows and non-stop dancing, great food that is worth every penny. Definitely a must see club.


Anise is a charming pub in Mar Mikhael with reasonably-priced cocktails, a chill vibe and regular Jazz nights featuring a live band. If you’re looking to get a taste of Lebanon’s wide variety of Arak, this is your place. Waiters dressed in black bow-ties add an adorable touch to this neighborhood favorite. Don’t forget to try one of their delicious homemade soups offered during the winter months, including carrot ginger, potato curry and spicy lentil.

The Lebanese are passionate about their work, but they are not for the most part. Once the office clock strikes 6:01 p.m., be prepared for a lingering colleague to ask why are you still here? Beirut is known for its great food and even better nightlife, and you’re expected to enjoy both. So, go, explore the most enjoyable Beirut nightlife while staying the country.