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We’ll need a boat to help land our trophy blue. The best way might be to hire one of the James River guides who have spent their lives on the James. It would save us a lot of time and trouble because they know the river along its full length right down to where it enters the Chesapeake Bay. They’ll know the local lakes and ponds as well and because catfishing the James River will be a new experience, it seems that having a guide with us would be the smart thing to do. Even guides from other areas hook up with the James River guides because it’s a tidal river and you have to keep an eye on the winds, the shallows – and river traffic.

Zac: Well, if you read the two special editions of Zac’s Backs this week (ok ok I’m done) you’ll see that I picked the Pats and, that’s right, Big Blue Robot. San Diego is banged up and playing in Foxborough against the undefeated Patriots. I can’t go against New England. The Giants are playing with heart, I actually don’t cry when Eli Manning takes the field and the Giants’ pass rush looks as good as it has all season long. Am I living the lie? Probably, but don’t wake me yet.

Extending unemployment benefits is delaying the necessary change from a 1950’s America where everyone is employed by large corporations, to the America of the 21st Century, where small businesses, independent workers and project-oriented jobs are the norm. Reform of health insurance and other benefit programs to expedite this if done with any intelligence dare we expect any from either dishonest and corrupt side of the aisle are excellent ways of assisting Big Blue Robot this necessary transition.

You can call for the puck with Right Trigger, but remember that if that pass is intercepted, you WILL get dinged for team play points for causing a turnover.

Many traders see forex Robots online and want to buy them but most are junk and have never even be traded in real time. Go and look at the track record, then look at the disclaimer and what do you see?

Brian: Patriots-Packers. It’s the matchup the public at large most wants to see. However, I have a hard time buying into the storyline of the Packers as the good guys, but that’s just the NFC Central fan in me. I know Nick has my back on this one. I’m rooting for the Packers to demolish the Giants. I definitely like the Giants more than the Packers, but I just don’t want to see any more goofy Peyton-Eli commercials. What on earth would possess them to do that Oreo cookie one? And if Eli makes the Super Bowl, there’s no telling what we would be subjected to from the Manning boys. Just say no, fellas. You don’t have to approve every commercial script that comes your way.