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  • Timeline for Completing a Custom Home Project

    It could take a minimum of 12 months to complete a custom home. More often than not, it could well exceed 12 months. It actually depends on the complexity of the floor plan and design of the custom home. An accurate timeline can be given by your builder. There are various factors which determine the timeline.

    The project time usually includes right from the plot hunting phase. But again, depends on your requirements. If you already have the plot ready, then you can exclude that phase. The design phase could also be included in the timeline if it is also handled by the builder. But, in most cases, the time when actual construction begins is usually considered as the beginning of the project and the clock starts ticking.

    The working relationship which you have with the builder also determines the time it takes for completion. You need to be in constant touch with the builder and get updates on the progress. You should never leave anything till the last moment.

    The weather conditions also determine how long the project takes to complete. For example, if there is constant rain, the project can get delayed.

  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Custom Homes


    There are many advantages with getting a custom home built. The main one among them is that you can get it built in a location of your choice. Each and every detail of the design and the construction of the house is in your control unlike a production home where the builder decides most of the details. You can make sure that your new home is as unique as possible. You can make sure that the home meets all of the modern quality standards. Of course, you need to hire the right custom home builder.

    While there are a lot more advantages to getting a custom home built, there are some disadvantages too. First of all, building a custom home can be quite expensive. A good custom builder will charge a lot. The materials which the builder buys for the construction can be more expensive than usual since they are not bought in bulk. Labor cost may also be high in some cases especially in places such as Las Vegas. The time taken to complete the construction of custom homes is a lot longer than normal.

  • Custom Home Building: Importance of Managing Expectations

    Managing expectations is very important when it comes to building a custom home. Having a proper vision is very important. But having too much optimism can lead to disappointments. You have to choose the right custom home builder first. If you are in Las Vegas, you need to choose someone like Merlin Custom Home Builders.

    You need to choose the neighborhood where you want to build the custom home first. You need to check with the builder if he is able to build in that neighborhood. You should also know the costs of building in that neighborhood and make sure that building in that neighborhood is within your budget. The neighborhood should be well established.

    The builder that you choose should have experience building many custom homes in that neighborhood. Merlin has experience building plenty of custom luxury homes in popular neighborhoods in not only Las Vegas, but in the whole state of Nevada. You need that kind of experience when you are building a custom home. If you want to hire Merlin, you can reach out to them through their website.


  • Importance of Floor Plan for a Custom Home

    The process of constructing a new custom luxury home is one filled with excitement. But, you need to have lots of patience while building one. It is not something that you can ask your builder to rush into. Pre-construction is a vital part of a custom home construction process. It involves a lot of crucial steps which need to be carefully planned and executed.

    Designing and finalizing the floor plan is the most important pre-construction step. You need to spend at least 2 months with your architect for the creation of the floor plan. You need to hire an experienced and knowledgeable architect because custom home construction is a specialized process which cannot be handled by an ordinary architect. Hiring an architect itself is a big process. The floor plan should be fully ready before you can ask your custom home builder to start construction. Going to construction without a fully completed floor plan can hamper the construction process. It can lead to a lot of troubles later on. Hence, you need to ask your architect to give you a completed floor plan.


  • Building a Custom Home is a Dream

    For many people, a custom home is a dream. Actually, this frightens a lot of people. Most people are afraid of realizing their dreams. Of course, if you have the courage to get it realized, you will relish it for your lifetime.

    Some people may find the custom home building process really overwhelming. They will have to choose the design for the home and that process itself may turn off some people. It is important to hire the right designer who can help you with the home designing process.

    It is important to properly plan the whole sequence of a custom home building project. The builder plays a crucial role while creating the plan for the construction of the home. Without a good plan, the project cannot progress smoothly.

    Every client would have a different experience while building a custom home even if they all work with the same custom home builder. That is because every custom home is unique. But the same cannot be said about a production home.

  • How to Go About Custom Home Designing?

    When it comes to custom home construction, a lot of time is usually spent in designing the home before beginning the actual construction of the home. During the design phase, you and your home designer would be bombarded with too many design ideas. But, unfortunately, not all of them would be suitable for your dream home and may even end up confusing you. Hence, it is important to focus on the things you really want.
    It is better to have one uniform style for your home instead of trying to mix and match too many different styles. If at all, you can try to mix and match a maximum of two to three different styles, not more than that. You need to decide beforehand if you want your home to be contemporary or classical or a mix of both contemporary and classical.
    Trusting your custom home designer is very important. If you are not able to trust your designer, then it means that you have not chosen the right designer and you might have to change the designer and opt for someone whom you can truly trust.

  • Running our Custom Home Construction Business after the Lockdown

    Me and my wife were running a custom home construction business in Las Vegas. Our business took a hit during the pandemic as with any other business.  Since this is a cost-intensive business, we took a few losses too unfortunately. Once the lockdown was lifted, we were finally relieved that we could restart all of our pending custom home projects. All of our clients were understandably anxious mainly for the reason that they put in their hard earned money on a stalled project. A lot of them had even borrowed loans and were paying interest.

    But, to be honest, it was very difficult to restart the projects after the lockdown. It was quite difficult to find labour immediately after the lockdown. A lot of the workers had migrated back to their hometowns just before the lockdown and were finding it difficult to get back to work. Of course, enforcing social distancing and sanitizing rules were quite cumbersome.

    After a couple of months of hardship, we managed to get back to our old working ways and managed to complete our first custom home post lockdown.

  • Importance of a Custom Home Designer

    The importance of a home designer for building a custom home can never be disputed. You can forget about building a decent custom home without hiring a designer. You cannot just hire some random designer that you find on the internet to work on your project. You need to hire an experienced professional who has done serious work in his career. You need to check the professional’s credentials and also enquire about his past work.

    Once you have hired the custom home designer. You need to explain to the professional how you want your home to look. The designer will first work on the look and feel of the home. The integration of the facilities can be decided later on after discussing with the custom home builder.

    Once the discussion with the designer and the builder is over, the designer would then work on creating a sketch of the home design. Once the first draft of the design is completed, you can take a look at it and suggest changes or additions if required. Once everything is completed, the designer would give you the blueprint of the home which you can then pass on to the custom home builder.

  • Cost of Custom Luxury Home Building

    A custom luxury home construction project is definitely not for people who do not have a strong heart. One needs a lot of courage to get into a custom home development project. The whole process can definitely be overwhelming.

    First of all, you need to fully understand the overall breakdown of the costs associated with building a custom home successfully. The quote that the builder gives you typically involves the design structure’s cost. Then the builder will give you an estimate for all the additional features that will be a part of the home. Of course, if the client wants to upgrade any of the features, then those would be charged extra by the builder. The plot’s cost would not be included in the construction cost. That is separate unless you involve the builder in plot hunting. 

    An experienced custom home builder would charge quite for a custom home project mainly because quality is more important in such a project. So, if you are based in Las Vegas, then you can hire Merlin Custom home builders who are a bit expensive but they do a quality job.

  • Custom Home Projects During the Coronavirus Pandemic

    The Coronavirus pandemic has taken the world by storm. The economy throughout the world has fallen down a great deal. Every single sector out there has been deeply affected by this pandemic. The real estate industry has also taken a big hit. In the last few months, the number of transactions has drastically come down. However, this need not be a deterrent for custom home buyers. As a matter of fact, this is the right time for people interested in a custom home to go ahead and take advantage of the lower costs throughout the industry.

    Real estate is heavily in favor of home buyers. The interest for Home loans has reduced. So, the time is ripe for custom home buyers to go for loans to finance their dream home projects. This is also the perfect time to bargain with builders, contractors and architects to get their services for lower costs. Of course, some of the top notch custom home builders in the country wouldn’t like to lower their prices for any reason. But, that’s alright. Good custom home builders are a rare breed and you wouldn’t want to bargain with them too much.