Running our Custom Home Construction Business after the Lockdown

Me and my wife were running a custom home construction business in Las Vegas. Our business took a hit during the pandemic as with any other business.  Since this is a cost-intensive business, we took a few losses too unfortunately. Once the lockdown was lifted, we were finally relieved that we could restart all of our pending custom home projects. All of our clients were understandably anxious mainly for the reason that they put in their hard earned money on a stalled project. A lot of them had even borrowed loans and were paying interest.

But, to be honest, it was very difficult to restart the projects after the lockdown. It was quite difficult to find labour immediately after the lockdown. A lot of the workers had migrated back to their hometowns just before the lockdown and were finding it difficult to get back to work. Of course, enforcing social distancing and sanitizing rules were quite cumbersome.

After a couple of months of hardship, we managed to get back to our old working ways and managed to complete our first custom home post lockdown.